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[PV] Hello, Planet.

May 31, 2009

At first I didn’t understand the meaning of this song, (which, by the way, is 5 days old on youtube) but after reading a few comments, I finally got it. It’s talking about the aftermath of a nuclear fallout. Kinda makes one feel abit sad if you think too much about it.

Now, about the song, I liked how they used 8 bit sound effects and graphics for this. I also like how this song looks like one of those RPGs, sorta like Legend of Zelda.  It sounds rather lighthearted as well, nice for just sitting back and relaxing, which maybe I should, considering June holidays are approaching.



Music Delve: Life Goes On

March 30, 2009

So today, I had a nostalgic pang for Gundam Seed/Destiny music. Most probably due to seeing all those Gundam 00 series Figurines at Plaza Singapore’s Comic Fiesta. The first song that promptly poped into my mind was ‘Life Goes On’, sung by Mika Arisaka. And I had loved it because it sounds truly amazing.

So while going through youtube, I had found something that caught my eye. A vocaloid version of Life Goes On! I couldn’t have possibly missed that out, so I went to check them out.

The first video was by Miku Hatsune and Megurine Luka.

And the second video is by Kagamine Len and Rin.

I love the twin’s version. It sounds really harmonious and beautiful.

This is Zhlink, over and out.

Recent Happenings

January 10, 2009

Yea, sorry for not updating this blog, for anyone who might read this, I was down with a bad case of fever. And it is not fun.

Worst part about this is that I woke up with a sore neck, so when I try to get any rest at all, the searing white hot pain always makes me stay awake.

At least some of my friends have kept me updated about recent happenings.

Merry Christmas. Eve. Thing.

December 24, 2008
Image by Shiuka from Deviantart

Image by Shiuka from Deviantart

Well, to those people who’s having Christmas today, Merry Christmas~
And to those who aren’t having Christmas today(Like me), Merry Christmas!


A christmas-love-song here:

This song’s called CirnoCirnoCirno.
It’s about Cirno, the ⑨”Idiot” in love with a guy, and tries to express her love.

I find it quite suiting for this season, and I kinda like this song and the animation. Kinda funny yet meaningful at the same time.

So I’ll leave you guys to enjoy Christmas/Christmas Eve with your families and whatnot.

All I know is that I won’t be having hard boiled eggs for breakfast these two mornings.

Mini Vocaloid Concert!

December 19, 2008

There’s one at my house right now, I’ll just try to get a picture of the band, hang on…

Elbowing his way through the crowd, Zhlink manage to fine an opening. It was small, but it was the window of opportunity to capture a picture…

: D

Okay, so it wasn’t that crowded.

Even Fate/Stay Night Characters LOVE Vocaloids.

Within 2 weeks of exploring Singapore (with a friend’s help, thanks Justin), I managed to find these figurines.

Well, actually, one of them was with his help.

Lets start the review, shall we? But before that, some music, eh?

I don’t even know why I picked this song.


Here we have Figma Kagamine Rin, the first of the 3 figurines I bought. I got her at LaTendo for about SG$38.

Next up, Rin’s bro, Kagamine Len. Also got him at LaTendo for the same price as Rin, SG$38, but I bought him a few days after I got Rin.

(I know I should have bought the two of them together, but I had not much cash on me at that time. And there wasn’t enough space in my bag for a threesome. :D)

Finally, we have Figma Hatsune Miku here, whom I bought at Orchard Cine-Leisure( Is that how it’s spelt? I’m not too sure. :D) for SG$42. Thanks again to Justin for telling me this. Yes, it hurt my wallet, but it would hurt me more not regretting buying her.

There’s still one more Figma Miku at the store though.

Sorry about them being out of their boxes when the pictures were being taken. I only realised that once I got them out of their boxes. Silly silly me.

Miku took an immediate liking to her new environment. Or was it just cuz of my drink?

Curse you Yakult. Even tough you taste so wonderously good, curse you.

A few moments later, there was only an empty yakult bottle.

I > Yakult.

So after the review photoes, I decided to take a group one. Y’know. Just wondering how the whole group would look like together.

And so, I end this post leaving you with this picture.

Two days

December 12, 2008

Song currently listening to:
Border Of Extacy

Well, things have been going on pretty well, with one or two problems along the way. Like forsay a certain brother of mine accidentally obliterated destroyed killed removed the Internet Explorer Icon, and he had to get Mozilla Firefox.

I mean, how could you remove that while removing/adding programmes? It doesn’t even make sense.



Anywho, or what, I reinstalled Internet Explorer, and got Touhou 11 while I was at it. Mind, it was a hella alot of screaming. Yesh, I was shouting stuff like:


Or even the simple:


Yes, Touhou was that epic.

-2 days ago-

Decided to go through a game that I once played through, Wanko To Kurasou.

Mind, the first time I got this game, it was all in jap, and I was playing it on my friend’s touch screen laptop. (Since we couldn’t understand anything thrown at us, we just kept tapping at the screen. Yes, we’re that good.) Going through random options, not knowing what we just did or said to these virtual girlfriends any otaku could possibly want for themselves.

Now that there’s an english patch, I can finally read everything.

Including stuff like *Wink* or *Nudge*.

And those *Wink*s and *Nudge*es even have voices. Wow.

Anyway, this game’s about a world filled with antropoid (Did i get that word right?) animals, and how they’re being popular to keep as pets. You, as per almost every visual novel, play as the faceless, voiceless protagonist of the story.

Yes, you’re just that good. This has some touching , comedy moments, and some of the best phrases I can ever get.

I might make a review of this if-

Wait, aren’t I making one right now?

A full review.

Huh. That came out abit late.

I might make a full review on this if I do have the time. And If i feel good. Particularly if I had crossants.


Anywho, here’s a picture I liked from the game.


Curretly listening to new song:
Airman ga Taosenai

Didn’t have to work today, so I lazed around the house, nothing much to do. So I decided to pick up my pencil and start drawing.

When I realised I didn’t have any inspiration or ideas.

So I placed my pencil down and walked off.

15 minutes later, after a nap, I rushed back to my seat (Almost tripping), and started drawing.

Picture GET!


That would wrap up what happened today. If I manage to get anything from tomorrow’s shopping spree, I might do a review.