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Time to Killzone!

April 12, 2009

Today, I went over to my friend’s house to watch him get own’d play some games. He just had to show me his l337 skillz, and how queer of him to pick Killzone 2. He’d always said he hated Killzone 1. For a simple reason that ”It sucked.”

So anyways, he continued from his previous game. And the game is rather unique, being that the loading screen are actually like those 3d cards you tilt around to see the pictures move. Tilting your controller tilts the card, and thus the 3d moving effect is formed.

Moving on, the graphics are absolutely awesome. Nicely detailed, explosions, fire, carnage, and whatnot. Gameplay is the same as any run-and-gun game. Just run and shoot. Storyline’s sorta like Gears of War. Takes place in the future on another planet, alien-like forces starts to take over, human form a resistance group and start fighting back…

You get the picture.

My friend was pretty good, letting all his AI allies taking all the heat before going for the kill. Then, there was this one time where he got to the marked checkpoint, but nothing happened. Noone spoke a single thing, nobody moved, music was still the same, no new mission objectives. After half an hour of wandering about, he finally realised his partner was stuck in a corner and couldn’t come down to the checkpoint, so he had to restart through the carnage again.

Which he didn’t mind much.

Oh, and your partner tries very hard to end his life miserably. He never seems to take cover, he gets riddled with bullet rounds, and starts screaming for a medic in the middle of a bullet crossfire. Then, you revive him by pointing an alien-blaster gun thingy at him, and shooting a bolt of lightning at him, which, as the manual states, is actually a special defibrillator.


Worse thing still, he never shouts what’s he’s about to do. So my friend was always on the verge of being friendly naded..

But overall, it ain’t too bad.