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The ED of Haruhi-Suzumiya

May 25, 2009

With the new season of the Haruhi anime series being released, much excitement has been going around. Personally, I don’t really have much time to watch the anime now,now when I’m juggling between regular life and school life. But I did manage to listen to the TV ver. of the season’s new ED, Tomare!

While it doesn’t have that omph of a legend left behind by Hare Hare Yukai, the song sounds rather energetic and hyper. Kinda fitting for Haruhi, eh?


Haru Kona!

May 22, 2009

With Season 2 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya coming out, it’s no wonder people’ve gotten back into the ‘haruhi-ism’  mood. Which means more Haruhi cosplay. Which I will say frankly, burns my eye. Big time.

But anyway, let’s look on the bright side. As least there’s this Lucky Star-Haruhi MAD. 8D

Music Delve: Hayate No Gotoku!!

April 25, 2009

With the second season of Hayate no Gotoku!, Hayate no Gotoku!! (Yes, an additional ! has to be added to show it’s season 2), out, six episodes released and three episodes already subbed, popularity has continued to pick up. HnG is one of those popular, yet not mainstream type of anime/manga, which is what I really like about it. Modesty, yes.

Anyways, without further ado, the Music Delve for Hayate no Gotoku!!

OP: wonder wind (TV size)

The Opening of HnG2 sounds more like those love relationship anime now, instead of the previous season’s more positive sounding songs. Looking at the animation, it seems as though the graphics have been improved.

ED: Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro! (TV size)

Omigawd. An entire song dedicated to Hinagiku. And this songs makes me wanna roll over and die in moe. MOE. I also like the faded colour effect of the video when Hinagiku was singing. The video also fits the tune of the song as well.

Here’s hoping you’ve enjoyed these two songs, and that you guys reading this’ll watch this awesome anime as well.

Music Delve: Life Goes On

March 30, 2009

So today, I had a nostalgic pang for Gundam Seed/Destiny music. Most probably due to seeing all those Gundam 00 series Figurines at Plaza Singapore’s Comic Fiesta. The first song that promptly poped into my mind was ‘Life Goes On’, sung by Mika Arisaka. And I had loved it because it sounds truly amazing.

So while going through youtube, I had found something that caught my eye. A vocaloid version of Life Goes On! I couldn’t have possibly missed that out, so I went to check them out.

The first video was by Miku Hatsune and Megurine Luka.

And the second video is by Kagamine Len and Rin.

I love the twin’s version. It sounds really harmonious and beautiful.

This is Zhlink, over and out.


March 18, 2009

The above FSN version, according to sources, is the “original” Mou Ikkai!

It’s just one of those looping songs which gets more addictive (or annoying) as you keep hearing it.

Apparently, just like the Get Down songs, this song is kinda like an internet meme. The original song is Sakuranbo (Cherry) by Ai Otsuka. has a Touhou version as well, right here.

But for now, I’ll keep listening to this song over and over again, since it’s already stuck in my head.

Music Delve: Promised Dawn

March 17, 2009

On December 2002, Type-Moon and French-Bread made a 2d visual novel/fighting game for the PC, named Melty Blood. It became rather popular rather quickly, due to it being part of the famous visual novel Tsukihime.

Most of the people playing Melty Blood would either have Act Cadenza for the Pc or PS2, and a small handful who have the original version. In certain arcades, there exists the latest version of the game, Actress Again.

But enough of these stories for now, I’m here to talk about the music of this fantastic game.

Touhou:Rin’s Restaurant of Hell!-[PV]

March 5, 2009

So you’re hungry. And you’re in war. What do you do?


Fortunately, the Restaurant of Hell is there to cater to all of your hunger pangs! Just step right in!

Music Delve:Love Coloured Master Spark

March 2, 2009

Well, since I have time on my hands, and I just beaten Imperishable Night (Mind you, it was terribly hard. The images of me dying are forever burned into my eyes.)

So one of the few memorable fights I remember was Marisa. Why?

She was one of the few enemies that actually FORCED me to use a bomb.

No wait, not just A bomb.

4 BOMBS to be exact.

Touhou[PV]-Locked Girl Another

February 26, 2009

Image by lilmioshi from deviantart

Continued from The previous blog, Here’s the first PV of Locked girl.

As you can see, the animation’s kept pretty simple, with a nice short story behind it. The song itself also has this sorta *push* behind it.

Then two days ago, COOL & CREATE remade this Music Video.

Just by editing a few small bits in the PV, it looks so much more better.

To quote one of the comments:
it’s incredible what some little changes can do to make something awesome by default even better.

So I leave you to enjoy this song.

Touhou[PV]: The Highest Fastest Shutter Girl

February 24, 2009

Well, as promised the previous blog, Touhou C75 PVs, I managed to find the 3d version of The Highest Fastest Shutter Girl, which I must say, brings back memories of Shoot the Bullet.

And it just so happens that COOL & CREATE happened to remake two PVs, The Highest Fastest Shutter Girl, and Locked Girl.

Now, I’ll be reviewing the Highest Fastest Shutter Girl first.