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[PV] Hello, Planet.

May 31, 2009

At first I didn’t understand the meaning of this song, (which, by the way, is 5 days old on youtube) but after reading a few comments, I finally got it. It’s talking about the aftermath of a nuclear fallout. Kinda makes one feel abit sad if you think too much about it.

Now, about the song, I liked how they used 8 bit sound effects and graphics for this. I also like how this song looks like one of those RPGs, sorta like Legend of Zelda.  It sounds rather lighthearted as well, nice for just sitting back and relaxing, which maybe I should, considering June holidays are approaching.



It’s all in my head

May 16, 2009

You know when you’ve gone through alot of things, and they slowly start to loop or become repetitive in your mind? A whole load of that’s been going on.

Yea, except this time, it’s a song.

Urghgawd IT’SLOOPINGINMYHEAD! It sounds ReAAL G000d but it just keeps LOOO000OOPING!

Seriously, it’s sorta frying my mind, yet I want more of it.

w(*A* w)

It all started out with a simple homework. I was doing my web publishing homework, finding it all boring and stuff without music and all, since a certain someone was sleeping in the room right beside where I was working, so I couldn’t blast out music directly. So earphones it was. And you know when you leave something alone for quite some time, you’re tempted to try it again, ya?


At first, it was the short version on youtube, but later I was like:

“Maybe one more time.”

And then:

“There should be a full version somewhere…”

And after about 6 reruns through the song…


And it’s so bad that dance is burned into my eyes. No, srly. It’s like some sort of screen saver. Whenever I daydream now, blam. It’s right there.

Nights of Nights- K-On!

May 4, 2009

K-on! certainly did make a great name for itself. Apparently, people love these slice-of-life things showing the lives of 4 teenage girls. *ahem LuckyStarHidamariSketch ahem*

And once Un-tan came out as a successful meme, what better way to celebrate K-on than with Nights of Night?

Music Delve: Life Goes On

March 30, 2009

So today, I had a nostalgic pang for Gundam Seed/Destiny music. Most probably due to seeing all those Gundam 00 series Figurines at Plaza Singapore’s Comic Fiesta. The first song that promptly poped into my mind was ‘Life Goes On’, sung by Mika Arisaka. And I had loved it because it sounds truly amazing.

So while going through youtube, I had found something that caught my eye. A vocaloid version of Life Goes On! I couldn’t have possibly missed that out, so I went to check them out.

The first video was by Miku Hatsune and Megurine Luka.

And the second video is by Kagamine Len and Rin.

I love the twin’s version. It sounds really harmonious and beautiful.

This is Zhlink, over and out.

The Recent Week

March 27, 2009

Yep. It’s time to look away from my otaku life for a few moments and look at the recent past week.

Last Sunday, I was working with a friend at Toa Payoh for a part time job for the SSO, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. (more…)