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Snot, Phlegm, Turkeys and Shotguns

December 23, 2008
fresh milk+fresh milk=chocolate milk?!

fresh milk+fresh milk=chocolate milk?!

A picture to start you guys off!

Well this time of the year is simply filled with “joy”

Almost everyone is sick.

By the way I just got my GCE ‘N’ level results got 13 points for 5 subjects!

Yes as I was saying everyone is FREAKING sick.

No I'm not that old

No I'm not that old

Don’t really know why but its kidda sad…

You know being the school holidays now(in Singapore)

So most of us(who are sick) are unable to spend our holidays to the fullest!

Before I start on my next topic, I went out with Zhlink today.

I bought some charcoal(and some misc. things) for the BBQ urgh… 6 Kilos of it.

Yes it was burning when we bought it

Yes it was burning when we bought it

Well Zhlink gave me a big hand with it, so Kudos to him!

Next topic, Turkeys.

Those poor birds in America.(a proven study shows that Americans consume the largest amount of turkeys in the world)

Since Christmas is coming, Americans take their Remington shotguns and go hunting.

The grouping for Zhlink's shooting

The grouping for Zhlink's shooting

So let us all have a minute of silence for those turkeys.

(After 60 seconds)

More turkeys are killed…

Poor things, anyways i’ll leave you guys with an old ‘cult’ favourite

I’m gonna need more cowbells with that



December 20, 2008

Hi all the few people who read this blog

I’m Meatpupp3t, good buddy of Zhlink

I’m an avid cyclist who loves food, firearms and I’m a  l337 gamer

So in a nutshell I will FEED INFORMATION of the four things I love to do in my life with the people who read this blog!

If you can read this you have no life at all (or you are really observant)