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Quickie- Scarlet Weather Raepsody

May 6, 2009

Today after school, I was hanging out with a couple of friends at a food court, and I happened to have my laptop on at that time. Then, one of them asked me to play Scarlet Weather Rhapsody with him, since he’s been conplaining at the lunatic AIs are boring him.

So, having nothing much to do, I agreed with him.

I’ll summarise the matches:

Me VS Him.

Sakuya VS Aya, He won. (It was close, it was close.)

Alice VS Yukari, He won. (My other friend kept telling me that I was fighting Alice’s natural enemy)

Udongein VS Patcholli, He won. (Once again, with the natural enemy thing)

Marisa VS Remilia, He won. ( :< )

And he hardly used any spellcards. I feel so depressed. (Well, no. Not really. xD)


Time to Killzone!

April 12, 2009

Today, I went over to my friend’s house to watch him get own’d play some games. He just had to show me his l337 skillz, and how queer of him to pick Killzone 2. He’d always said he hated Killzone 1. For a simple reason that ”It sucked.”

So anyways, he continued from his previous game. And the game is rather unique, being that the loading screen are actually like those 3d cards you tilt around to see the pictures move. Tilting your controller tilts the card, and thus the 3d moving effect is formed.

Moving on, the graphics are absolutely awesome. Nicely detailed, explosions, fire, carnage, and whatnot. Gameplay is the same as any run-and-gun game. Just run and shoot. Storyline’s sorta like Gears of War. Takes place in the future on another planet, alien-like forces starts to take over, human form a resistance group and start fighting back…

You get the picture.

My friend was pretty good, letting all his AI allies taking all the heat before going for the kill. Then, there was this one time where he got to the marked checkpoint, but nothing happened. Noone spoke a single thing, nobody moved, music was still the same, no new mission objectives. After half an hour of wandering about, he finally realised his partner was stuck in a corner and couldn’t come down to the checkpoint, so he had to restart through the carnage again.

Which he didn’t mind much.

Oh, and your partner tries very hard to end his life miserably. He never seems to take cover, he gets riddled with bullet rounds, and starts screaming for a medic in the middle of a bullet crossfire. Then, you revive him by pointing an alien-blaster gun thingy at him, and shooting a bolt of lightning at him, which, as the manual states, is actually a special defibrillator.


Worse thing still, he never shouts what’s he’s about to do. So my friend was always on the verge of being friendly naded..

But overall, it ain’t too bad.

More frustrating than Danmaku!?

April 4, 2009

Yes. Recently, I’ve played a game that made me wanna rip out hair from my scalp. No, wait. Scratch that. Not that frustrating. But frustrating enough for me to start being pissed at a game.

And the only game that would make that happen, would be Danmaku-filled games.

But this game ain’t filled with Danmaku. It doesn’t even have a bit of Danmaku in it.

It’s a game called Demon’s Soul for the PS3.

About a week ago, I was walking with a friend of mine, and he told me about how insanely hard it was. So hard, he was stuck at level 1, stage 2. When I had first heard of it, I didn’t believe it for a moment. Him? Stuck at such an early level?

A few days ago, he invited me over to play that ‘insane-game’. “Couldn’t be too hard now, could it?” I thought.

I was horrendously wrong.

At the start of the game, you had to chose a name, gender, and class of your character. There are 10 different classes in there, all with their own pros and cons. I went along with a thief.

So after an hour of battling, here’s a summary of why it’s hard.

This game teaches you the lesson of encountering a game over. Once you die in this game, you enter a ‘soul form’, with your maximum Health halved. To return back to your body, you’re forced to slay a demon. However, here’s the problem. Nearly every enemy in this game can, and will, make you see that ‘You are Dead’ or ‘Game Over’ screen. Even a simple 2-on-1 fight with regular guards could exhaust all of your healing items. The worst thing, however, is when you DO die.

You lose all of your souls you’ve collected(they’re used as money in this game.), you restart at the beginning of the entire chapter, whatever equipments you’ve used counts (e.g: bombs/arrows). And the worst thing? All the enemies respawn.


But overall, it’s a pretty fun and awesome game. Sure, the death system will make you flip once in awhile, but the battles and evasion events are pretty exhilarating.

At least I don’t die every few seconds, like in I Wanna Be The Guy. Now, THAT game was a real killer.

Battle (Forge) On!

March 31, 2009

Just recently, my brother pestered me to download a new game, Battle Forge. Apparently I’m downloading the demo version, since I need to pay for the full version. My brother just told me to: Take it as a chance to try it out.

And since I really had nothin’ much to do, might as well go with his idea.

So I created an account, logged in, and got jumped straight into a tutorial.

Sorry about constantly forgetting to take screenshots. The gameplay is somewhat like a Warcraft/Starcraft game. Build a settlement, create troops, and hack away at your opponents. Thing is, the gameplay revolves around cards. Cards are used to summon troops, cast spells, create buildings, etc. It works somewhat like Magic: The Gathering, or Duel Masters, in which Mana is needed to use cards. In all, there are 4 elements to be utilized. Fire, Frost, Nature and Darkness. I picked Frost, since I played a water deck in Duel Masters before. :3

Graphics-wise, it isn’t too bad at all. You can say it’s like a better version of Warcraft. In fact, I have a weird suspicion that Blizzard may have been involved in making this game.


Touhou 12- Undefined Fantastic Object

March 9, 2009

Yea, well. The Reitaisai season’s coming soon, and what way to celebrate touhou, than have a new touhou game? The long awaited Touhou 12 東方星蓮船, or rather, Undefined Fantastic Object , will be released at the next Reitaisai.

Aparently, there’ll be.



Music Delve:Love Coloured Master Spark

March 2, 2009

Well, since I have time on my hands, and I just beaten Imperishable Night (Mind you, it was terribly hard. The images of me dying are forever burned into my eyes.)

So one of the few memorable fights I remember was Marisa. Why?

She was one of the few enemies that actually FORCED me to use a bomb.

No wait, not just A bomb.

4 BOMBS to be exact.

Songs and Spinoffs

February 17, 2009

People should know that when things get famous, spinoffs or parodies start.

Sorta like this one.
Image by hongfire

Well, I have two prime examples here.

And mighty Epic ones, by my opinion.

True Tears

February 13, 2009

So while digging through my box storage drawer one day, I found a box which I remembered getting a few years ago.

It was one of my first visual novels, True Tears.

Then I was staring at the box, looking at the cover, thinking:
Why did I leave you there?

Hm, a glitch.

January 5, 2009

You know those days when you just have to bash your head against a wall?

Or when you really wanna (FALCON) punch something?

YEA! Just like that!

Well, today was kinda of a really bad day for me. Don’t know why, I was really angry today.

And really, really furious.

To quote Lucy from Elfen Lied:
“If you feel miserable, just make others more miserable than you.”

So, what could possibly vent out all this an- (more…)

Flurry of games

December 30, 2008

I wish I had a Ps2…

With the new year coming and Comiket and other unforseen circumstances which I should not say, some long-awaited or desired games are coming soon or are out already.

Fate/Unlimited Codes
Well, first I’d like to talk about the new installment in the ‘Fate’ games. Fate/Unlimited Codes.

This is one of the 4 official trailers. Watch the rest here.

Fate/Unlimited Codes is basically a 3D fighting game(sorta like Street Fighters and KOF) developed by 8ing/Raizing and cavia, and published by Capcom. It was scheduled to be released for the arcades and exclusively for the PS2 by 18th December, 2008.

I know, I know. 12 days overdue.

I was abit too lazy to do abit of research, my bad. xD

Or rather, you could have pre-ordered and gotten a Saber Lily figurine along.

I already have this liking to the OP of this game, sounds really nice. The only info I have about the opening of the trailer is that it was sung by Sachi Tainaka in her new ablum:Mata Ashita ne/code.

Here’s the full version of the song with a nice picture of Saber Lily. xD

Final Fantasy Dissidia

Imagine a game with a compilation of Final Fantasy Villans and Heros fighting each other. Yes, that’d be awesome, right.

With a Psp, that dream would be fulfiled.

Oooooh yea.

Made by Square Enix, and also to celebrate Final Fantasy’s 20th anniversary (Happy Anniversary!), this game is a whole new revolution in final fantasy terms. Remember the good ol’ final fantasy we used to play? Active Time Gauges? So many options to choose?

Not any more.

Character movement is within a 3 dimensional field map. Anyone who’s played Kingdom Hearts or Dragonball should know how this works.

So the story starts with and ongoing conflict between two gods, Cosmos and Chaos(No prises for guessing which is the evil side). After a few eons of battling, they finally call upon the main protagonists and antagonists of the Final Fantasy series. (You’d think they would’ve done this earlier.)

Look at it. LOOK AT IT!

Mind you, those are characters from Final Fantasy 1 to 12.

But, as always, enemies always have worthless lackeys which are limitless and can appear out of nowhere, providing you constant minor inconveniences.


Each Character also has their own specific “Unique Attack”, “Limit break”,or “Last Arc” “Overdrive”, whatever you might wanna call it.

Like Squall with his Renzokuken,

LAST ARC Limit Break!

Cloud with his Omnislash,

What?! Only 506 damage for so many colourful attacks!?!?

You get the idea.

Battles are divided insto stages, each taking place on it’s own ‘checkerboard’ map. Basically, they can move about, collect items, fight enemies, etc etc etc.

However, DPs (Destiny points) have to be used to move around the board.

Wait, I have 3 destinies? COOL.

And points can only be refilled by, as per usual, massacring obliterating destroying defeating your opponents.

There’re still some other games, such as Hidamari Sketch DS, and a whole bunch of C75 games to review, so I’ll stop and rest abit.