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SP “Japan Craze”…

May 1, 2009

Was kind of a letdown.

Sorry there aren’t any pictures available now, my camera phone’s going through one of it’s rebellious periods. Anyway, on the 29th of April, which happened to be a wednesday, the Singapore Polytechnic Foreign Exchange Club (I think) organised a ‘Cosplay event’, lasting from 11am to 4pm. Well, 3pm, to be exact. They were cleaning up during that 1 hour period.

So right after lessons ended at 11am, I rushed over to the venue, right outside foodcourt 5, only to find…



April fools? Nah.

April 2, 2009

Yesterday was April Fools, and I kinda forgot to update this blog yesterday. Sorry ’bout that.

I’m not really into this April Fools kind of thing. Sure, it’s fun to start a minor prank and watch the show. I don’t mind any of that. Making a little lie, a small practical joke here and there, no problem. A good laugh is required now and then, right?

Then, some up it to another notch. Make something a little implausible happen. I’ll give an example. A year ago, a saw this trailer on youtube about the classic game, Legend of Zelda, being turned into a movie.

And there was also this Pacman movie trailer as well.

People got a few good laughs out of these ‘movie trailers’ and jokes on what if they were real.

However, another notch up is where I draw the line. It’s when the highly plausible happens. When it’s within the grasp of others. Such as a certain fan-made game.

See, last year, I saw a trailer of a doujin game based on Touhou. It was made to be sort of a crossover between Disgaea combat system and Touhou characters. The character graphics wasn’t the best, but the gameplay itself looked very attractive and appealing.

And it was all just an April Fool’s joke.

These people make half a game engine with awesomeness like this. And thought it’d be a great idea to use this as a joke.

I had my hopes high, and it was burst with a few words.

I’m not saying that I hate April Fools or anything, but I would seriously hope that these 3rd stages jokes really do come true in some way.


March 29, 2009

So it was the day I was awaiting. Kuwabara, or known as Black Rose.
It took place last Sunday at Liang Court. It was supposed to be about revival; about bringing back past cosplays.

It was not what I had really expected.

Start Of Year…Again!

February 2, 2009

Last year there was Start of Year. This year…

Start Of Year, AGAIN!

Yes, S.O.Y.A is here, and it was held last saturday at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, between lecture halls 26 to 28. Anywho, the day started out kinda normal. Met with friends, set of on another epic journey, and reaching our destination after a tiring hike up a mountain slope.

Happy Cir-NEW Year!

January 1, 2009

Happy New Cirno New Cirno Year!

Well, 200⑨’s here, 2008 seemed to pass so fast. Looking back, it seemed that the years passed on real quick, huh?

Well, this new year, I’m gonna try to accomplish all my goals within my deadline, and not try to extend them. Heh.

I’ll also try to be more informed of the latest happenings in the otaku world, and be more of a Vocaloid/Touhou fan.


Well, I might upload some new years artwork later or tomorrow. I’ll just have to scan them and stuff..

Guess another wish is to get a new scanner, huh?

Merry 2008 Christmas!

December 25, 2008

Picture from

Well, today’s Christmas, And even though I’m putting this post a few more hours before the end of Christmas, it’s still never too late to say Merry Christmas to anyone who comes and read this blog.

Oh, and a Happy New Year as well!

Merry Christmas. Eve. Thing.

December 24, 2008
Image by Shiuka from Deviantart

Image by Shiuka from Deviantart

Well, to those people who’s having Christmas today, Merry Christmas~
And to those who aren’t having Christmas today(Like me), Merry Christmas!


A christmas-love-song here:

This song’s called CirnoCirnoCirno.
It’s about Cirno, the ⑨”Idiot” in love with a guy, and tries to express her love.

I find it quite suiting for this season, and I kinda like this song and the animation. Kinda funny yet meaningful at the same time.

So I’ll leave you guys to enjoy Christmas/Christmas Eve with your families and whatnot.

All I know is that I won’t be having hard boiled eggs for breakfast these two mornings.

Snot, Phlegm, Turkeys and Shotguns

December 23, 2008
fresh milk+fresh milk=chocolate milk?!

fresh milk+fresh milk=chocolate milk?!

A picture to start you guys off!

Well this time of the year is simply filled with “joy”

Almost everyone is sick.

By the way I just got my GCE ‘N’ level results got 13 points for 5 subjects!

Yes as I was saying everyone is FREAKING sick.

No I'm not that old

No I'm not that old

Don’t really know why but its kidda sad…

You know being the school holidays now(in Singapore)

So most of us(who are sick) are unable to spend our holidays to the fullest!

Before I start on my next topic, I went out with Zhlink today.

I bought some charcoal(and some misc. things) for the BBQ urgh… 6 Kilos of it.

Yes it was burning when we bought it

Yes it was burning when we bought it

Well Zhlink gave me a big hand with it, so Kudos to him!

Next topic, Turkeys.

Those poor birds in America.(a proven study shows that Americans consume the largest amount of turkeys in the world)

Since Christmas is coming, Americans take their Remington shotguns and go hunting.

The grouping for Zhlink's shooting

The grouping for Zhlink's shooting

So let us all have a minute of silence for those turkeys.

(After 60 seconds)

More turkeys are killed…

Poor things, anyways i’ll leave you guys with an old ‘cult’ favourite

I’m gonna need more cowbells with that

Another yearly occasion.

December 22, 2008

Well, with the End of the Year coming soon, there’s another time in this month to be happy, joyful, and gay about.

Go on, make a guess.

And no, it’s not christm- Okay, maybe partially Christmas. BUT! There’s another reason.

Comiket C75.

Yes, that legendary event that occurs twice a year in Toyko, Japan. Unfortunately, a regular everyday normal guy like me can’t really go all the way there just for comics, merchandise, and AWSM-ness.

This here would be Comiket C75’s CDRom Catalog. Even the art on the Catalog looks AWSM.


This would be the Doujinshi Catalog. Y’know, the characters kinda remind me of Hidamari Sketch.

I found some random doujins being sold there, but you can also pre-order them. There’re some artworks from some doujinshis which I took an instant liking to.

Unfortunately, most of those were already sold out.

*Starts emo-ing in a corner*

But artword is not all there is to Comiket! There’re also new games, and animations and merchandise.(Seriously, the merchandise there’s good.)

But it’s also the time of year when I feel this pain at my crotch. Near my wallet, that is.