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Music Delve:Love Coloured Master Spark

March 2, 2009

Well, since I have time on my hands, and I just beaten Imperishable Night (Mind you, it was terribly hard. The images of me dying are forever burned into my eyes.)

So one of the few memorable fights I remember was Marisa. Why?

She was one of the few enemies that actually FORCED me to use a bomb.

No wait, not just A bomb.

4 BOMBS to be exact.


Touhou PVs – C75

January 21, 2009

Sorry for being on a hiatus for almost 5 days, was kinda busy working on a project and work.

Well, today I had this thought to go through the recently released Music Videos of Touhou.

As we all know, when something gets real famous, people will start making fanworks, from pictures to music.

So these people used the BGMs of the Touhou games, and turned them into songs.

Soon, animations for these songs turned up.

Well, enough of the lessons, lets review!


Flurry of games

December 30, 2008

I wish I had a Ps2…

With the new year coming and Comiket and other unforseen circumstances which I should not say, some long-awaited or desired games are coming soon or are out already.

Fate/Unlimited Codes
Well, first I’d like to talk about the new installment in the ‘Fate’ games. Fate/Unlimited Codes.

This is one of the 4 official trailers. Watch the rest here.

Fate/Unlimited Codes is basically a 3D fighting game(sorta like Street Fighters and KOF) developed by 8ing/Raizing and cavia, and published by Capcom. It was scheduled to be released for the arcades and exclusively for the PS2 by 18th December, 2008.

I know, I know. 12 days overdue.

I was abit too lazy to do abit of research, my bad. xD

Or rather, you could have pre-ordered and gotten a Saber Lily figurine along.

I already have this liking to the OP of this game, sounds really nice. The only info I have about the opening of the trailer is that it was sung by Sachi Tainaka in her new ablum:Mata Ashita ne/code.

Here’s the full version of the song with a nice picture of Saber Lily. xD

Final Fantasy Dissidia

Imagine a game with a compilation of Final Fantasy Villans and Heros fighting each other. Yes, that’d be awesome, right.

With a Psp, that dream would be fulfiled.

Oooooh yea.

Made by Square Enix, and also to celebrate Final Fantasy’s 20th anniversary (Happy Anniversary!), this game is a whole new revolution in final fantasy terms. Remember the good ol’ final fantasy we used to play? Active Time Gauges? So many options to choose?

Not any more.

Character movement is within a 3 dimensional field map. Anyone who’s played Kingdom Hearts or Dragonball should know how this works.

So the story starts with and ongoing conflict between two gods, Cosmos and Chaos(No prises for guessing which is the evil side). After a few eons of battling, they finally call upon the main protagonists and antagonists of the Final Fantasy series. (You’d think they would’ve done this earlier.)

Look at it. LOOK AT IT!

Mind you, those are characters from Final Fantasy 1 to 12.

But, as always, enemies always have worthless lackeys which are limitless and can appear out of nowhere, providing you constant minor inconveniences.


Each Character also has their own specific “Unique Attack”, “Limit break”,or “Last Arc” “Overdrive”, whatever you might wanna call it.

Like Squall with his Renzokuken,

LAST ARC Limit Break!

Cloud with his Omnislash,

What?! Only 506 damage for so many colourful attacks!?!?

You get the idea.

Battles are divided insto stages, each taking place on it’s own ‘checkerboard’ map. Basically, they can move about, collect items, fight enemies, etc etc etc.

However, DPs (Destiny points) have to be used to move around the board.

Wait, I have 3 destinies? COOL.

And points can only be refilled by, as per usual, massacring obliterating destroying defeating your opponents.

There’re still some other games, such as Hidamari Sketch DS, and a whole bunch of C75 games to review, so I’ll stop and rest abit.

Another yearly occasion.

December 22, 2008

Well, with the End of the Year coming soon, there’s another time in this month to be happy, joyful, and gay about.

Go on, make a guess.

And no, it’s not christm- Okay, maybe partially Christmas. BUT! There’s another reason.

Comiket C75.

Yes, that legendary event that occurs twice a year in Toyko, Japan. Unfortunately, a regular everyday normal guy like me can’t really go all the way there just for comics, merchandise, and AWSM-ness.

This here would be Comiket C75’s CDRom Catalog. Even the art on the Catalog looks AWSM.


This would be the Doujinshi Catalog. Y’know, the characters kinda remind me of Hidamari Sketch.

I found some random doujins being sold there, but you can also pre-order them. There’re some artworks from some doujinshis which I took an instant liking to.

Unfortunately, most of those were already sold out.

*Starts emo-ing in a corner*

But artword is not all there is to Comiket! There’re also new games, and animations and merchandise.(Seriously, the merchandise there’s good.)

But it’s also the time of year when I feel this pain at my crotch. Near my wallet, that is.