SP “Japan Craze”…


Was kind of a letdown.

Sorry there aren’t any pictures available now, my camera phone’s going through one of it’s rebellious periods. Anyway, on the 29th of April, which happened to be a wednesday, the Singapore Polytechnic Foreign Exchange Club (I think) organised a ‘Cosplay event’, lasting from 11am to 4pm. Well, 3pm, to be exact. They were cleaning up during that 1 hour period.

So right after lessons ended at 11am, I rushed over to the venue, right outside foodcourt 5, only to find…

3 small booths, and a slide presentation. Well, at least there was a ‘D.J’ there.

There was a booth for registration for a foreign exchange student programme, a booth for dragon boating( I think that one just happened to clash with this event, lol. :3 ), and a booth selling merchandise such as notebooks, plushies, foodstuffs, and shurikens. Yes, shurikens. And Kunais. No prizes for correct answers of where they came from.

I had thought: Since it just started, it probably hasn’t been fully set up yet.

4 hours later, I returned with a few friends, and the same view greeted me.

The cosplayers were… Not too bad. At least they made a good effort to be there and be awesome. But it makes me think about the event SOYA at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and it made this one look rather small.

Ah well.


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