Music Delve: Promised Dawn


On December 2002, Type-Moon and French-Bread made a 2d visual novel/fighting game for the PC, named Melty Blood. It became rather popular rather quickly, due to it being part of the famous visual novel Tsukihime.

Most of the people playing Melty Blood would either have Act Cadenza for the Pc or PS2, and a small handful who have the original version. In certain arcades, there exists the latest version of the game, Actress Again.

But enough of these stories for now, I’m here to talk about the music of this fantastic game.

On April 29, 2003, the OST, Promised Dawn, for the first version of Melty blood was released. The main song of the game was composed by Raito Kate, and the song was also called Promised Dawn.

After some time, the “Real Cadenza” version of Melty Blood came out.

Real Cadenza is a fan-made of Raito’s original Soundtrack, and these people are sure good at what they do. The difference in the songs are rather great, even when both of them have the same meaning and lyrics. The orginal version has this rather serious tune to it, while the fan-made version sounds rather relaxing.

Ah, getting a bit tired, gonna take a short rest.


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2 Responses to “Music Delve: Promised Dawn”

  1. meatpupp3t Says:

    French-Bread = Baguette?

  2. Zhlink Says:

    Actually, yes.

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