Touhou 12- Undefined Fantastic Object


Yea, well. The Reitaisai season’s coming soon, and what way to celebrate touhou, than have a new touhou game? The long awaited Touhou 12 東方星蓮船, or rather, Undefined Fantastic Object , will be released at the next Reitaisai.

Aparently, there’ll be.


Further proof shows within this video.

From what I can see, when a certain number, or colour pattern, of UFOs are collected, a mothership arrives. And it sucks up all the powerups on the screen until you bust it open.

Since when did Touhou go into UFOs?

But other than that, the gameplay’s tweaked to make it easier, and the most important thing is.

The graphics.

Rather big improvement over the previous Touhou games, eh?

The character designs are so much more better than any previous Touhou games, (Okay, save IaMP and SWR), and just looking at that makes me wanna get my hands on this game and complete it.

Without screaming every half-second or so.

And the attacks are also rather unique. A rock that spews bullets? Flying Fists? New.

And the this game’s plot is rather light-hearted too, instead of there being an incident which involves disturbances in weather/the land/the shirine, it goes something like this:

“A rumor began in Gensokyo that, ever since some time before Spring, a treasure ship has been spotted in the sky. ‘What great luck!’ thought some, and scrambled to board that ship. That’s why there were black shadows flying at high speed behind the ship.”

Well, now all that’s left for me is to wait for Reitaisai. Please enjoy these sample pictures.


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