Touhou:Rin’s Restaurant of Hell!-[PV]


So you’re hungry. And you’re in war. What do you do?


Fortunately, the Restaurant of Hell is there to cater to all of your hunger pangs! Just step right in!

I must say, IOSYS has done it once again.

究極焼肉レストラン!お燐の地獄亭, or rather, Ultimate Barbecue Restaurant! Orin’s Restaurant of Hell!, is the remix of Rin’s BGM in Touhou 11, Subterranean Animism.

The story’s also quite interesting(And rather hilarious if you do get it), All the bosses from Subterranean Animism (Except Koishi, the extra stage boss) set up a barbecue restaurant in hell, with Rin being the boss(?) of the entire place, and rather strangely everyone doesn’t mind dining in hell.

But then again, Rin’s job is to carry corpses to the incinerator, so who knows where those meat are from..

In the end, Yuyuko, Gensokyo’s resident glutton, enters to the restaurant, only to find that the feast is over. And she attempts to go on a killing spree.

The song itself has this rather upbeat feeling to it, making it seem like : “BLARGH! I’ll just eat and drink and have fun! AWSM!”


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