Thy Touhou Anime?


During the beginning of January, the doujin group Maikaze released a ever so awaited Touhou Anime. From good ol’ danmaku to a game.

Touhou fans immediately went nuts.

I also heard a rumour from my friend that the first few people that bought the whole Touhou Dvd set was given a whole bunch of other Touhou freebies. Naturally, Zun would get his own set automatically.

But now, Something else will rise.

On the 6th Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai…

Another Touhou Anime arises.

Yes, you heard me right. Not another episode. But another ANIME. Or movie. I could be wrong.

This new anime/movie is called Touhou Kinema Kan. Or so it says on the website. It’ll be out on the 8th of March for 1500 Yen.

Due to the recent recession, I dare not estimate the price of this Dvd.

Here’s a trailer of this upcoming storm.

Now, compare this with the previous anime’s trailer.

True, the previous anime had excellent voice actors, but still. The artwork wasn’t exactly fitting for such a big name like Touhou. I had actually expected alot more. Alot of my friends did, actually.

But this new anime/movie seems rather promising in terms of animation and graphics.

I love the way the characters are drawn, both chibi and regularly. Here’s a preview of some of the characters.

Reimu Hakurei

Marisa Kirisame

Yuyuko Saigyouji

I also love the OP. Sounds rather fitting for Touhou, and makes me think about wide plains, making me feel kinda calm.

Here’s the Full version of the song,東方萃夢想, from the album “A Foreign Sound”. Apparently, the song title means “Oriental Iris Dreamer” in chinese, but has no meaning in japanese (Eastern 萃 Dreamer).


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