Songs and Spinoffs


People should know that when things get famous, spinoffs or parodies start.

Sorta like this one.
Image by hongfire

Well, I have two prime examples here.

And mighty Epic ones, by my opinion.

Firstly, let’s look at Final Fantasy 6’s music, Decisive Battle.

Some would agree with my by saying it’s the best Final Fantasy 6 music.

Then, along comes an idea and utter randomness. With Clannad.

Woah. Just.. Woah.

Second, we have Native Faith, from Touhou 10, Mountain of Faith.

Originally meant to be Suwako’s Theme song, groups such as Silver Forest made remixes of this song, and even turned it into a popular song, Kero 9 Destiny.

However, that wasn’t enough, and someone thought like how Tofu could be used with zombies, Touhou could also be mixed with zombies.


Then along came Clannad with it’s madcap antics.

Actually, I’m more like rolling with laughter rather than being surprised. It almost sounds like the original thing, but yet it’s so hillarious.


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