Memories and Sketches


Yea, I finished a few pieces of art and gotten them scanned, so here we go.

But before that, here’s something I should have done 2 days ago.

Miku wishes you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And with that, lets see the other artworks.

I still haven’t decided on names for most of them yet..

This here work was one of the few fastest work I’ve done so far. With these many characters. This was done in about 45 minutes. I feel that it was rather fast.

The next work I did was THAT Miku up there. I couldn’t find the time to borrow my friend’s scanner and such.

I should consider getting my own scanner.

And a Xbox while I’m at it.

Or even maybe a Psp.

Gonna go GTA them then. Gonna earn enough money then.

This was a creation out of.

Hang on, I’m thinking.

Ah yes.
I was very interested in the MeltyBlood series.
VERY interested, might I add.

In MeltyBlood, Sion gave in to her vampiric impulses.

Sorta sorta for this, except using one of my characters.

There’s still one more piece, but it’s still half completed, due to the fact that I have to pictures of reference to Reimu Hakurei.



Okay, after that random bout of insanity, I think I’m okay again.

I’ll try to photoshop them as soon as I grasp the concepts of FOTOSOUP!

A little bit about today then.

Today was like a typical today. Nothing to do except daily today-ish things. Which I did almost everyday. Or any other day, for that matter.

Until my friend, Cheeze, sent me a message via msn about an old forum, MMOT, being up again.

This sparked the insanity and randomness in me as I visited the site, meeting old friends again, and best of all, being able to fall into epileptic seizures again.

Ah yes, good times.


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