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This is Teh Gensokyo News.

January 28, 2009

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Gensokyo news. I’m Zhlink, and I’ll be with you for this evening.

Today, we take a look at two events happening at Gensokyo. The Touhou M1, and the Newspaper Convention.


Touhou PVs – C75

January 21, 2009

Sorry for being on a hiatus for almost 5 days, was kinda busy working on a project and work.

Well, today I had this thought to go through the recently released Music Videos of Touhou.

As we all know, when something gets real famous, people will start making fanworks, from pictures to music.

So these people used the BGMs of the Touhou games, and turned them into songs.

Soon, animations for these songs turned up.

Well, enough of the lessons, lets review!


Past Memories

January 16, 2009

Today I was surfing Youtube for any Anime music videos when I stumbled upon this music video, and, well…

The lyrics made me…

The lyrics were very touching.

It really made me remember the memories of the past.


I kinda missed those days.

And I would really wanna do anything to go back to those days.

And, actually..

The song already says most of what I wanted to say. So, I do hope you enjoy this song.

Musix’s being everywhere.

January 13, 2009

Lately, some music seem to fit into my situations.
And Nico Nico Douga is truly a great place.

Let’s start from the beginning of why I would say this.

Recent Happenings

January 10, 2009

Yea, sorry for not updating this blog, for anyone who might read this, I was down with a bad case of fever. And it is not fun.

Worst part about this is that I woke up with a sore neck, so when I try to get any rest at all, the searing white hot pain always makes me stay awake.

At least some of my friends have kept me updated about recent happenings.

Hm, a glitch.

January 5, 2009

You know those days when you just have to bash your head against a wall?

Or when you really wanna (FALCON) punch something?

YEA! Just like that!

Well, today was kinda of a really bad day for me. Don’t know why, I was really angry today.

And really, really furious.

To quote Lucy from Elfen Lied:
“If you feel miserable, just make others more miserable than you.”

So, what could possibly vent out all this an- (more…)

Memories and Sketches

January 3, 2009

Yea, I finished a few pieces of art and gotten them scanned, so here we go.

But before that, here’s something I should have done 2 days ago.

Miku wishes you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And with that, lets see the other artworks.


Happy Cir-NEW Year!

January 1, 2009

Happy New Cirno New Cirno Year!

Well, 200⑨’s here, 2008 seemed to pass so fast. Looking back, it seemed that the years passed on real quick, huh?

Well, this new year, I’m gonna try to accomplish all my goals within my deadline, and not try to extend them. Heh.

I’ll also try to be more informed of the latest happenings in the otaku world, and be more of a Vocaloid/Touhou fan.


Well, I might upload some new years artwork later or tomorrow. I’ll just have to scan them and stuff..

Guess another wish is to get a new scanner, huh?