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Flurry of games

December 30, 2008

I wish I had a Ps2…

With the new year coming and Comiket and other unforseen circumstances which I should not say, some long-awaited or desired games are coming soon or are out already.

Fate/Unlimited Codes
Well, first I’d like to talk about the new installment in the ‘Fate’ games. Fate/Unlimited Codes.

This is one of the 4 official trailers. Watch the rest here.

Fate/Unlimited Codes is basically a 3D fighting game(sorta like Street Fighters and KOF) developed by 8ing/Raizing and cavia, and published by Capcom. It was scheduled to be released for the arcades and exclusively for the PS2 by 18th December, 2008.

I know, I know. 12 days overdue.

I was abit too lazy to do abit of research, my bad. xD

Or rather, you could have pre-ordered and gotten a Saber Lily figurine along.

I already have this liking to the OP of this game, sounds really nice. The only info I have about the opening of the trailer is that it was sung by Sachi Tainaka in her new ablum:Mata Ashita ne/code.

Here’s the full version of the song with a nice picture of Saber Lily. xD

Final Fantasy Dissidia

Imagine a game with a compilation of Final Fantasy Villans and Heros fighting each other. Yes, that’d be awesome, right.

With a Psp, that dream would be fulfiled.

Oooooh yea.

Made by Square Enix, and also to celebrate Final Fantasy’s 20th anniversary (Happy Anniversary!), this game is a whole new revolution in final fantasy terms. Remember the good ol’ final fantasy we used to play? Active Time Gauges? So many options to choose?

Not any more.

Character movement is within a 3 dimensional field map. Anyone who’s played Kingdom Hearts or Dragonball should know how this works.

So the story starts with and ongoing conflict between two gods, Cosmos and Chaos(No prises for guessing which is the evil side). After a few eons of battling, they finally call upon the main protagonists and antagonists of the Final Fantasy series. (You’d think they would’ve done this earlier.)

Look at it. LOOK AT IT!

Mind you, those are characters from Final Fantasy 1 to 12.

But, as always, enemies always have worthless lackeys which are limitless and can appear out of nowhere, providing you constant minor inconveniences.


Each Character also has their own specific “Unique Attack”, “Limit break”,or “Last Arc” “Overdrive”, whatever you might wanna call it.

Like Squall with his Renzokuken,

LAST ARC Limit Break!

Cloud with his Omnislash,

What?! Only 506 damage for so many colourful attacks!?!?

You get the idea.

Battles are divided insto stages, each taking place on it’s own ‘checkerboard’ map. Basically, they can move about, collect items, fight enemies, etc etc etc.

However, DPs (Destiny points) have to be used to move around the board.

Wait, I have 3 destinies? COOL.

And points can only be refilled by, as per usual, massacring obliterating destroying defeating your opponents.

There’re still some other games, such as Hidamari Sketch DS, and a whole bunch of C75 games to review, so I’ll stop and rest abit.



December 29, 2008

I used to love doing that.

Sorry for not updating my blog, for anyone out there who’s constantly checking for something new. During this one week ‘break’, I managed to learn an important lesson in drawing comics.

Never start without a plan.

And 2 weeks of hard work went down the drain.

Ah well, the new year’s coming soon, another reason to feel abit excited I guess.

Merry 2008 Christmas!

December 25, 2008

Picture from

Well, today’s Christmas, And even though I’m putting this post a few more hours before the end of Christmas, it’s still never too late to say Merry Christmas to anyone who comes and read this blog.

Oh, and a Happy New Year as well!

Christmas Eve and Guns

December 24, 2008

This video my friends is why Christmas Eve don’t mix with firearms.

Now I’ll tell you guys how much calories you all stuff down your throats this Christmas

But, due to the time constrain involed, I cannot list down all the the items so… I’ll just get to the point, for those of you out there who are celebrating Christmas with an authentic Chrismas dinner. You will most likely be consuming 3000 calories. I know it sounds like a load of rubbish, but count in the dessert, the gravy and stuffing most likely you’ll come out with numbers that will make you faint.( considering the calories don’t kill you first.)

But us guys can take the 3000 calories right?(unless you are a wimp.)  But some of the ladies might be very conscious about their figure so don’t force them to eat, unless she is bone thin.

Anyways this next song is for those people who needs to call someone special and are pushing it off.Its time to call them and make them feel special(again).

Merry Christmas. Eve. Thing.

December 24, 2008
Image by Shiuka from Deviantart

Image by Shiuka from Deviantart

Well, to those people who’s having Christmas today, Merry Christmas~
And to those who aren’t having Christmas today(Like me), Merry Christmas!


A christmas-love-song here:

This song’s called CirnoCirnoCirno.
It’s about Cirno, the ⑨”Idiot” in love with a guy, and tries to express her love.

I find it quite suiting for this season, and I kinda like this song and the animation. Kinda funny yet meaningful at the same time.

So I’ll leave you guys to enjoy Christmas/Christmas Eve with your families and whatnot.

All I know is that I won’t be having hard boiled eggs for breakfast these two mornings.

Snot, Phlegm, Turkeys and Shotguns

December 23, 2008
fresh milk+fresh milk=chocolate milk?!

fresh milk+fresh milk=chocolate milk?!

A picture to start you guys off!

Well this time of the year is simply filled with “joy”

Almost everyone is sick.

By the way I just got my GCE ‘N’ level results got 13 points for 5 subjects!

Yes as I was saying everyone is FREAKING sick.

No I'm not that old

No I'm not that old

Don’t really know why but its kidda sad…

You know being the school holidays now(in Singapore)

So most of us(who are sick) are unable to spend our holidays to the fullest!

Before I start on my next topic, I went out with Zhlink today.

I bought some charcoal(and some misc. things) for the BBQ urgh… 6 Kilos of it.

Yes it was burning when we bought it

Yes it was burning when we bought it

Well Zhlink gave me a big hand with it, so Kudos to him!

Next topic, Turkeys.

Those poor birds in America.(a proven study shows that Americans consume the largest amount of turkeys in the world)

Since Christmas is coming, Americans take their Remington shotguns and go hunting.

The grouping for Zhlink's shooting

The grouping for Zhlink's shooting

So let us all have a minute of silence for those turkeys.

(After 60 seconds)

More turkeys are killed…

Poor things, anyways i’ll leave you guys with an old ‘cult’ favourite

I’m gonna need more cowbells with that

Another yearly occasion.

December 22, 2008

Well, with the End of the Year coming soon, there’s another time in this month to be happy, joyful, and gay about.

Go on, make a guess.

And no, it’s not christm- Okay, maybe partially Christmas. BUT! There’s another reason.

Comiket C75.

Yes, that legendary event that occurs twice a year in Toyko, Japan. Unfortunately, a regular everyday normal guy like me can’t really go all the way there just for comics, merchandise, and AWSM-ness.

This here would be Comiket C75’s CDRom Catalog. Even the art on the Catalog looks AWSM.


This would be the Doujinshi Catalog. Y’know, the characters kinda remind me of Hidamari Sketch.

I found some random doujins being sold there, but you can also pre-order them. There’re some artworks from some doujinshis which I took an instant liking to.

Unfortunately, most of those were already sold out.

*Starts emo-ing in a corner*

But artword is not all there is to Comiket! There’re also new games, and animations and merchandise.(Seriously, the merchandise there’s good.)

But it’s also the time of year when I feel this pain at my crotch. Near my wallet, that is.


December 20, 2008

Hi all the few people who read this blog

I’m Meatpupp3t, good buddy of Zhlink

I’m an avid cyclist who loves food, firearms and I’m a  l337 gamer

So in a nutshell I will FEED INFORMATION of the four things I love to do in my life with the people who read this blog!

If you can read this you have no life at all (or you are really observant)

Mini Vocaloid Concert!

December 19, 2008

There’s one at my house right now, I’ll just try to get a picture of the band, hang on…

Elbowing his way through the crowd, Zhlink manage to fine an opening. It was small, but it was the window of opportunity to capture a picture…

: D

Okay, so it wasn’t that crowded.

Even Fate/Stay Night Characters LOVE Vocaloids.

Within 2 weeks of exploring Singapore (with a friend’s help, thanks Justin), I managed to find these figurines.

Well, actually, one of them was with his help.

Lets start the review, shall we? But before that, some music, eh?

I don’t even know why I picked this song.


Here we have Figma Kagamine Rin, the first of the 3 figurines I bought. I got her at LaTendo for about SG$38.

Next up, Rin’s bro, Kagamine Len. Also got him at LaTendo for the same price as Rin, SG$38, but I bought him a few days after I got Rin.

(I know I should have bought the two of them together, but I had not much cash on me at that time. And there wasn’t enough space in my bag for a threesome. :D)

Finally, we have Figma Hatsune Miku here, whom I bought at Orchard Cine-Leisure( Is that how it’s spelt? I’m not too sure. :D) for SG$42. Thanks again to Justin for telling me this. Yes, it hurt my wallet, but it would hurt me more not regretting buying her.

There’s still one more Figma Miku at the store though.

Sorry about them being out of their boxes when the pictures were being taken. I only realised that once I got them out of their boxes. Silly silly me.

Miku took an immediate liking to her new environment. Or was it just cuz of my drink?

Curse you Yakult. Even tough you taste so wonderously good, curse you.

A few moments later, there was only an empty yakult bottle.

I > Yakult.

So after the review photoes, I decided to take a group one. Y’know. Just wondering how the whole group would look like together.

And so, I end this post leaving you with this picture.

Two days

December 12, 2008

Song currently listening to:
Border Of Extacy

Well, things have been going on pretty well, with one or two problems along the way. Like forsay a certain brother of mine accidentally obliterated destroyed killed removed the Internet Explorer Icon, and he had to get Mozilla Firefox.

I mean, how could you remove that while removing/adding programmes? It doesn’t even make sense.



Anywho, or what, I reinstalled Internet Explorer, and got Touhou 11 while I was at it. Mind, it was a hella alot of screaming. Yesh, I was shouting stuff like:


Or even the simple:


Yes, Touhou was that epic.

-2 days ago-

Decided to go through a game that I once played through, Wanko To Kurasou.

Mind, the first time I got this game, it was all in jap, and I was playing it on my friend’s touch screen laptop. (Since we couldn’t understand anything thrown at us, we just kept tapping at the screen. Yes, we’re that good.) Going through random options, not knowing what we just did or said to these virtual girlfriends any otaku could possibly want for themselves.

Now that there’s an english patch, I can finally read everything.

Including stuff like *Wink* or *Nudge*.

And those *Wink*s and *Nudge*es even have voices. Wow.

Anyway, this game’s about a world filled with antropoid (Did i get that word right?) animals, and how they’re being popular to keep as pets. You, as per almost every visual novel, play as the faceless, voiceless protagonist of the story.

Yes, you’re just that good. This has some touching , comedy moments, and some of the best phrases I can ever get.

I might make a review of this if-

Wait, aren’t I making one right now?

A full review.

Huh. That came out abit late.

I might make a full review on this if I do have the time. And If i feel good. Particularly if I had crossants.


Anywho, here’s a picture I liked from the game.


Curretly listening to new song:
Airman ga Taosenai

Didn’t have to work today, so I lazed around the house, nothing much to do. So I decided to pick up my pencil and start drawing.

When I realised I didn’t have any inspiration or ideas.

So I placed my pencil down and walked off.

15 minutes later, after a nap, I rushed back to my seat (Almost tripping), and started drawing.

Picture GET!


That would wrap up what happened today. If I manage to get anything from tomorrow’s shopping spree, I might do a review.